Here’s Why You Should Take a Mandarin Class

Stuck with your life? Longing for a new experience? Take a Mandarin class!

Whether to strengthen your brainpower or to experience a new thing, learning Mandarin is always an option. China has so many cultures and is considered one of the richest. When exploring culture, you won’t experience a thing like “bored”. However, learning the language is one thing. The following reasons will help you understand why you should learn the language.

The Most Spoken Language in the World

You can object to this statement, but that is a fact. Being the most populated country in the world makes it happen. English is indeed the most spoken language, but it counts the non-native speakers as well. When it comes to native speakers only, Mandarin wins.

As Chinese people love to travel and stay, the native speakers spread worldwide. That makes the language not only spoken in China. Other countries that speak the language include Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine, and Mongolia.

China’s Economy Is Growing

China takes an important part in the international economy. You may notice that Chinese companies are growing in your country as well. Why don’t you take this opportunity to take a Mandarin class? There will be many companies in need of professionals who can speak Mandarin.

Take the class and upgrade your resume. With the language skill, you will face less competition in your area of expertise. Want to work abroad? Six prospective countries are waiting for you. What about the United Nations whose official languages include Mandarin?

Brain Exercise

Don’t know what to do during the summer holiday? What about learning Mandarin?

Learning a new language has become a new hobby during a holiday. Besides, this new hobby won’t only help you spend time, but also help exercise your brain. It is said that bilingual people are better at multitasking and prioritizing than monolingual ones. This is also a good way to sharpen your thinking.

It is also said that while learning the language, you train your brain to use both the left and right temporal lobe.

Easier than You Think

You can get carried away with the Chinese letters. However, at least, you don’t need to worry about verbs. There are no conjugations, no tenses, and no plurals. There may be over 80,000 characters in Chinese, but just 3,500 of them are used. It’s good news if you want to learn the language a long time ago but freak out of its many characters.

So, are you ready to learn Mandarin? Take the Mandarin class now!