Should Muay Thai Be on Your Bucket List?

Some people don’t believe in the whole ‘bucket list’ idea, which is perfectly understandable, each to their own and all that! The interesting thing about something like a bucket list though, is that you can do some really ‘far out ‘stuff, such as Thai boxing (Muay Thai!) without anyone thinking you’re completely bonkers.

Why bother with a bucket list?

The answer to this one could be as simple as, why wouldn’t you? Unless you’ve already achieved everything in life that you had ever thought about, not thought about, or the idea has crossed your mind followed by you swearing that you would never even consider such an idea, than it’s probably a pretty smart move.

Most people simply don’t have what it takes to put thoughts, or wishes into action, especially with something that is firmly placed outside of their comfort zone. Sadly, the result is that more people that you could care to count leave this earth with regrets. Mostly because they didn’t make the effort to ‘step outside of themselves’.

Ok, Bucket List Kind of Makes Sense, But Muay Thai – Really?

Bucket lists tend to be fear driven, as with most things in life, as such, if you were to look at the average bucket list it will likely contain activities, or tasks that take a large set of balls to follow through on. On that note, and, believe it, or not, most people can’t, or choose not to fight!

Your average Joe would much rather not get involved in a verbal argument, let alone having to dodge flying shins, knees, fists, and elbows, from Muay Thai Readings best, so, it stands to reason that something like Muay Thai must scare the absolute crap out of most people. Sounds like one to stick at the top of your lists!

More to Gain Than Meets the Eye

Having a go at Muay Thai is actually one of the smartest moves you could ever make, bucket list, no bucket list – the only daft thing you could do is to attend one class, think you’re the next Bruce I’m Double Hard Lee and jump straight into a sanctioned fight! All in all, you’ll be more confident, fitter, stronger, and you should be more relaxed, in both mind and body.

If you choose a good gym that favors experience/technique over other really ‘unimportant’ things such a floor to ceiling mirrors and a whole load of machinery that really isn’t necessary, then you can guarantee you stand to receive much more than you bargained for. That is of course, unless you intend to spend your time taking selfies and pretending that you’re actually doing something, don’t just ‘turn up’, mean business.