Pandemic Has Made Learning Conviennent To Upgrade Skills

Pandemic has made several changes in our life. Most commonly, it has also allowed us to succeed or upgrade our skills and change our careers. Before, a working person couldn’t attend lectures and had no time to travel after working hours to attend classes. Some are fortunate enough to get weekends, and some are not. But online education has changed and made everything possible for everyone, be they students or working professionals. They have time to attend classes from their comfort zone and at their convenience.

There are many apps and other platforms which provide online learning. They even offer several courses that are currently in demand around the globe to upgrade your skills. As popularly said, the sky’s the limit, and any individual has the opportunity to advance in their career.

Machine learning & data science are the most sought-after courses. The job opening looks sky high as it is the most demanded job around the nations. As there is acceptance of digitalization, there is more data and considering India to be the world’s largest hub for data scientists in the world. According to the analyst, there would be around 11 million job openings for data scientists by 2026. Even after this, there was a rise of 46% in 2019 despite leaving 93,000 jobs vacant around the companies only in India.

So the demand for data scientists seems optimistic, so learning such high-demand skills would also allow you to start your career with a high-paying job. Average data scientists earn around $100,560. So starting your career with such a high-paying job would be an advantage to anyone.

As we saw “the demand of data scientists” and “average salary of data scientists,” the main question is “where to learn from.”

Many institutes and organizations provide data science courses, but to name a few would be Simplilearn, which would be an appropriate choice to learn such a course.

Why Simplilearn?

  1. The curriculum is such that it is designed by keeping academic as well industry perspective so that you have excellent learning opportunity as it will provide you all the skills required to get a job
  2. Learn from the best in the field, not with a decade-old trainer. Learning from the best would give you the best knowledge required in the particular field.
  3. Capstone projects involving real-time data help you prepare for becoming job-ready by working on such projects.
  4. World-class mentorship with dedicated support 24*7 will help any students facing any kind of issues be resolved. It may be related to studies, a portal, or an app.
  5. Bootcamp is helpful for students as in-depth learning is more interactive than a live class.

So download the Simplilearn app or use their portal and learn such top high-demand skills to upgrade yourself and start a career with high-paying jobs.