Starting college can be an overwhelming and exciting experience together. You are stepping out of the comfort of your home and starting life afresh. When you are starting college, it is always best to opt for York University Housing. Though on-campus living can sound thrilling, there are certain reasons why it is always best to live on campus.

Availability of all amenities

High-speed internet has become integral to our lives. It is needed to carry out school work, stay in touch with family and friends, and even catch up on your favorite shows. Quad living provides all the amenities which are integral to a student’s life. There is high-speed internet available. To take care of your physical health, there is a fitness center. If you don’t want to study in your room and are looking to go to a quieter place, you can always head to the breakout rooms or the commercial centers, which form a part of the housing.

Whether you are studying or binging on your favorite show, there is always the urge to do midnight snacks. There is a 24-hour convenience market that you can always head to to get your favorite snacks. There is a laundry facility that is available that pings you when your laundry is done. All the quarters in the housing have been equipped with essential appliances like microwaves and fridges. There is a smart TV for watching all your shows and a cooktop so that you can cook your favorite meals.

Being on Campus

The Quad Housing is located at the corner of the Pond Road and the Sentinel Road, towards the south of the York University Keele Campus. When you are living on the campus, it becomes convenient to travel to classes. It drastically brings down the time you spend traveling to and fro classes. When you are on campus, you are closer to the community. When you stay in a state of the art housing, you can enjoy your space and be within walking distance from campus.

Utilities included

Being a student isn’t always easy. You get your freedom, but you also have to manage your finances. When you live in Quad housing, specific amenities are included in the rent. The rent includes gas and High-speed internet. However, you will have to pay for your water charges, and that information would be provided to you by the staff. There are smart TVs in each room, so you can stream all your favorite content from the comfort of your room.

Furnished Rooms

When you are moving into a space of your own, you might find yourself wondering if you need to furnish your rooms. All the rooms at Quad housing have been furnished. All you need to get are your cutlery, desk chair, and cleaning supplies. Apart from that, you need to get your general amenities. All the rooms are pre-furnished along with the kitchen net.