Why Are ERP Systems Important For Educational Institutions?

Enterprise Resource Planning means ERP, and these days, an ERP system is so important for educational institutions; during the pandemic, our education system changed and shifted to digital education. Managing data records, student reports, teacher reports, financial data, etc., at that time was quite difficult. But thanks to such technologies like ERP combined with the Learning management system (LRM) to manage all these things and made a great environment for students, teachers, and educational institutions.

  • Made the admission process easy:

We all have witnessed a long admission process during school or college. That long application asks for student-related information like name, grades, subjects, candidate eligibility, etc. And it was time-consuming. But the ERP system made it simple by gathering all the important information in one place. And the admin can easily get the information and hasten the procedure.

  • Data management:

Running an educational institution takes work, as they must keep all the old and new related data. This is a vast amount of data from students to exams, books, and courses. But an ERP system brings the whole institution’s reports under one roof. Data can be shared with any of the institute’s departments, making it easy for everyone to stay updated with new and recent information.

  • Teachers:

Everything is online in this virtual learning environment, from teaching to grading. This ERP system can become a best friend for teachers. As there is so much physical work for teachers, this ERP system replaced that physical work with computer keyboards. Teachers can share everything related to their student and their study material, such as lesson planning, course material, grades, etc. This system can record all the student-related information for future reference, and that will reduce the risk of losing data.

  • Students:

We know that shifting from an actual to a virtual class is challenging for students. They had many questions like where to submit, assignment deadlines, and lesson queries. But this ERP system has made all these things earlier for such students. One can easily interact with their teachers regarding any queries; one can access separate portals for current information, new updates, timetables, exams date sheet or notifications, and free reminders.

ERP is a trustable system with data security, so parents and students can easily trust it. There are few chances for data leaks compared to the physical documentation process. Institutions can automate the fee collection process, as they don’t have to rely on the physical fee collection process. Institutions can also manage their brand online and through automated marketing activities.

As there are thousands of students in any institution, managing and tracking the records of each student is the most important and difficult part. And it affects the performance of any teacher as they have to do these things. It is time-consuming, and it becomes more difficult for higher-class students as they have to manage their other facilities, but with this system, the institution can easily manage all these things.